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Portrait Photographers

Look Your Best

Portrait photography is about more than taking a simple snapshot; it is about capturing a moment in your life. The tips below will help you look your best and have a fun portrait photography experience. Discuss any questions or special requirements you might have with your photographer before your scheduled portrait photography sitting.

Before your sitting, discuss with your photographer whether the portraits will be formal, casual, full-body, head and shoulders only, color, black and white. This will help steer you to what you should wear for your portrait photography session. Remember to stay away from clothing trends and fads, and choose outfits that will still look good in 10 or 20 years.

In general, solid tops with plain necklines work best for you portraits. Stay away from loud prints or patterns, as these types of clothing draw attention away from your face and toward your clothes.

Knits work well for portrait photography, since they are less apt to wrinkle and bunch. Choose clothes that fit well and in which you are comfortable. Color is important - a light to medium colored shirt worn under a dark sweater works well.

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Formal clothing may limit the types of poses. If wearing a suit, choose simple darker colors. Men should bring several ties to the portrait photography session to be able to try one that works best with the background and lighting. Be sure to wear a jacket with your pressed shirts! Pressed shirts easily show wrinkles in portrait photography.

If you are taking a family portrait, remember to coordinate clothing between all participants. Be sure not to have any clashing colors or patterns. You should look like a coordinated unit for your portrait photography sitting.

For those who wear glasses, consider removing them for your portrait photography session, or using frames without lenses. Glasses with lenses often produce glare or distortions in photographs. Retouching is available in most cases, but you can avoid the extra time and expense by removing lenses.

Have fun and be yourself during your portrait photography sitting! You will be able to capture memories for many years to come.
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